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It probably doesn't hurt that the Discount louboutin shoes company has hired some fashion insiders, like Taylor Tomasi Hill and Amanda Brooks, who starred in a recent campaign that integrated social media. And, according to the Times, "though Zara declines to confirm it, the company has engaged a handful of Christian Louboutin Spikes influential fashion stylists as 'consultants,' to rework or adapt �in a word, copy �the most heat-generating runway looks for its increasingly savvy audience." And finally, one fashion editor corralled for the piece noted that as someone who's constantly on market Christian louboutin mens shoes appointments, Zara is the only label she doesn't see ahead of time. So perhaps that very novelty is what's drawing jaded fashion-world insiders in. Small wonder that the company reported $15 billion in sales last year.

Balenciaga is casting a wide net Louboutin shop online. After a show and exhibit in Beijing, the brand is now headed to Dallas with a store opening today in the city's Highland Park Village development. The lush 1,150-square-foot interior is the work of Ryan Korban, who also collaborated with Louboutin flats Wang on the design of the brand's Soho flagship. The diamond floor tiles are an homage to those in Cristóbal Balenciaga's couture salon in Paris, while the use of marble echoes Wang's fall 2013 debut collection for the house. Next up for Balenciaga? Outfitting the tech crowd: They're Shoes louboutin planning a store in Silicon Valley.